Custom Reporting Software & Analytics

Reporting in ShopCtrl provides a window into your entire retail business in a single screen. Analyse every sales channel, forecast more accurately than ever and make more informed decisions through high-level insights - all from one platform.
Get immediate insight into your business performance, with full access to your E-commerce analytics directly from the dashboard. Whether you're looking to understand your top sellers, stock tables, shipping reports or cash flow analysis.

Access even more insight with the option to get bespoke custom reports and automated queries, created by our team of Customisation Specialists, for your precise business and process requirements

Reporting Highlights

Detailed Sales reports
ShopCtrl lets you run detailed sales reports broken down by sales channel, product brand, category, order status or specific team members. View gross or net sales, gross profit and marketplace fees - and even export to a spreadsheet.
Product reports
Run reports into individual product sales filtered by sales channel, product brand or category. View your gross sales, net sales, cost prices and gross profit - and export to a spreadsheet in a few clicks.
Anticipate stock demand
View and analyse your historical sales data, in order to identify customer buying patterns and seasonal trends, which in turn enables you to anticipate increases in stock demand so that you can prepare your business accordingly.
"ShopCtrl offers us unparalleled insight in employee productivity, pending tickets and other important KPI's"
Salesupply, International Call Centers
Benefits of ShopCtrl Reporting
Keep your customers happy
Generate insights into your fulfilment processes with ShopCtrl Custom Reports. By identifying the best shipping rates and turnaround time, you can increase the efficiency of your shipping, subsequently improving customer satisfaction and retention.
Dig deeper into all your reports for even greater insight
Drill down into any line of a sales or product report to see which orders make up that segment - and even export this into a spreadsheet. Giving you even greater insight into what’s behind your business metrics.
Business intelligence like never before
Using third party BI Tools, you can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.
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