Product Management made easy

ShopCtrl's Product Management Software makes it simple to manage any number of products across multiple sales channels.
It is simple enough for small teams to use and powerful enough to support limitless growth.
Product data management has been a complex enterprise game for long enough. We are here to change that. ShopCtrl offers a powerful Product Management module, which is really easy to use for small and medium businesses.The secret is in the set up. Our products take little to no time to get up and running. Plus they won't blow your budget.

Product Management Highlights

Complete price control
Open up a product in ShopCtrl and edit its price on any sales channel or marketplace. No more logging in to different websites to change prices - ShopCtrl does it all in a couple of clicks.
Create new products
New products can be added to ShopCtrl in just a few clicks. Create either simple or multi-variant products, add your images and you’re all set.
Advanced image & document management
ShopCtrl allows for unlimited product images - meaning you showcase your entire range to customers in the best way possible.Drag, drop, prioritize and even assign images to specific product variants.
Custom product properties
Create unique properties and ShopCtrl adds the information to listings across all your sales channels. Any special data can even be automatically pulled from your current online store.
"ShopCtrl is very user-friendly and the support they offer is fantastic. We vetted several PIM options before signing on with ShopCtrl. We have never second-guessed our choice."
FNG Group, Online Apparel
Philosophy behind our Product Manager
Put all your product data and digital assets in one place for your whole team to access on-demand. Increase efficiency and productivity by breaking down data silos.  
Better content = more sales. Enrich your product content for your retailers, marketplaces, and web shops without setting foot in a spreadsheet. 
Send the right content in the right format and schedule syndication of your product data. Get your products published 3x faster than before. 
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