Integrated accounting and financial management

ShopCtrl's integrated accounting has been built with retailers in mind and connects with the rest of your business, preventing a disconnect between systems or from accounting software holding you back.
Making the right decisions for your business in order to manage cost, reduce risk and remain agile in an ever-changing trading environment, requires real-time and accurate data covering every aspect of your business. Your financial management and accounting solution needs to be at the heart of your back office and tightly integrated with inventory, sales, logistics, warehouse and purchasing.ShopCtrl provides a real-time financial management and accounting solution built specifically for retail and wholesale businesses.

Finance Management Highlights

Automatic and manual Invoicing
Let ShopCtrl generate invoices for each paid order, or create them manually after approval of the inside sales team. 
Invoice templates
Your Invoices are the last interaction customers have with your business. Use the ShopCtrl Word template editor to create fully customizable pre-formatted documents. 
Refund management
With increased purchases comes increased returns. Let our refund management functionality do the hard work for you, leaving you with time to focus on more important things.
Payment registration
Make sure payments are confirmed by your Payment Service Provider. Payment data is stored at each confirmed order.
Debt Management
Managing debtors can be challenging and time-consuming. If you sell to other companies (B2B) and / or offer payment on account options to your customers, then staying on top of your debtors is vital to ensuring that your company flourishes.
"Compared to the accounting system we had before, ShopCtrl has absolutely been a huge step forward. "
Azalp, Garden&Outdoor
Benefits of working with ShopCtrl Financial Management
Expand through cross-border trade
Integrated landed-cost and multi-currency modules allow you to expand your business through cross-border trade without leaving your vital back office software behind.
Accurate inventory accounting 
FIFO inventory valuation, automatic product cost calculations, accurate landed-cost reporting and a real-time balance sheet mean you’ll always know the true value of your inventory.  
Audit with ease 
Interconnected data between invoices, payments, inventory and underpinning journals results in easy navigation, access to a complete audit trail and the ability to quickly correct errors.  
Keep compliant
Filing your tax return on time will give you peace of mind and ensure that the Revenue aren’t harassing you. Our integrated Tax Register allows you to review and commit your VAT Return as and when you’re ready.
Start to make quality decisions and plot a safe course through financial compliance
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