Managing Your Orders

ShopCtrl syncs every order from each of your sales channels into one, easy-to-manage platform. View, edit, print and take complete control of your order management process without overselling or ever missing an order again.
Make Order Processing easy again
ShopCtrl's order management features bring all of your orders into one location and enables you to interact with them through a single interface where you can efficiently process them from start to finish. With one interface, ShopCtrl makes processing multi-channel orders as easy as managing orders on a single channel and dramatically reduces the number of administrative tasks involved in receiving an order, to processing it and to getting it out of the door.

Order Management Highlights

Aggregate Orders
Manage orders from market places, unlimited website channels, as well as from trade and telephone customers - in one filtered despatch list.
Order Fulfilment
With flexible and automated picking and packing methods, you can quickly and accurately process 1 to 10,000 orders, ready to ship within the day. 
Trade Orders
Simply create accounts for wholesale customers, allowing them to login, purchase stock and view order history & financial reports.
Link returns back to their original sales or purchase order, automate the refund and quickly return items back into stock.
Gain easy access to the entire history of your customers to help answer support queries, no matter what channel they bought from.
"ShopCtrl Order Management enables us to process more orders in less time. Happy Customer, Happy employees... "
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Benefits of automated order management for your business
Easily consolidate orders from all of your sales channels, speed up processes and remove bottlenecks with ShopCtrl's cloud-based back office automation software.
Automatically route orders to the warehouse, update order statuses, highlight exceptional orders and reduce your fulfillment costs per order with advanced workflow automation.
Handle high order volumes during peak periods, flash sales and as your business grows with robust built-in ecommerce integrations which support tens of thousands of orders per hour on major ecommerce platforms.
Create seamless shopping experiences
ShopCtrl helps you create a seamless shopping experience by consolidating all your online, brick-and-mortar, wholesale, phone and mobile sales into one single, easy to use system. 
Expand through cross-border trade
Integrated multi-currency and landed-cost features allow you to scale your business through cross-border trade without adding inefficiencies that drive down margins.
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