Automate your inventory management and focus on growth

ShopCtrl's flexible inventory management has all of the features you need to stay in control of your inventory and make fast, effective business decisions. Ultimately, with ShopCtrl, you will be able to redistribute your staff towards growth strategies and reduce the time spent on costly admin overheads.
ShopCtrl provides a single, fully-integrated Inventory Management System with one user interface, and one location from which you can list your stock and manage it across all of your outlets.That’s because ShopCtrl integrates seamlessly with your webstore(s), eBay, Amazon and many other sales channels. It makes all of your stock available everywhere at once and manages your stock levels in every outlet in real time synchronizing any changes across them all instantaneously.

Inventory Control Highlights

Multiple warehouses
ShopCtrl makes it simple to sync inventory across any number of warehouses and locations.
Everything is tracked in real-time with correct stock levels shown across all stores and marketplaces.
Warehouse bin locations
ShopCtrl knows exactly where your stock is located – broken down by aisle, shelf and bin location.So you can instantly pinpoint items using either the browser app or mobile.
Real time stock synchronisation
ShopCtrl links your entire inventory together so when a sale is made anywhere, its stock level is updated everywhere.
Inventory History
ShopCtrl gives you a complete history of every line of inventory and each interaction with it. Meaning it’s simple to get to the root of any problems or inaccuracies.
SKU-Based listings
Automatically link your listings based on the SKU, so you can have your entire inventory listed in every location, maximizing your opportunity to make a sale and avoiding overselling.
"We never thought it would be possible for our business to sell worldwide through our webstore, Amazon and an external fulfillment party at the same time... and then there was ShopCtrl"
Fanfiber, Global Fan Merchandise
Benefits of Real-time inventory management
Streamline your inventory
Streamline your inventory, tracking it from purchase to warehouse to sale, and save time with automatic inventory updates across all your sales channels, be it online, in-store or on the road.
Make informed purchasing decisions
With access to low inventory reports and historic sales data, you’ll be able to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and easily.
Control exactly how much stock shows for each of your stores
Set rules controlling the amount of stock shown on each of your stores – giving you complete confidence your inventory levels are 100% accurate.
ShopCtrl is a complete end-to-end solution for all online retailers also handling listings, orders, billing, shipping and messaging across multiple sales channels.
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