Workflow automation for retailers and wholesalers

Efficient workflows and processes are essential for businesses to scale effectively, keep up with customer demand and reduce costs.
Automatic order creation, fulfillment, invoicing, purchasing, accounting and email marketing are all ways that merchants can confidently and easily automate their business.
ShopCtrl's powerful process automation tool helps merchants to automatically fulfill and invoice sales orders, shifting the focus from the back office to the front office and growth opportunities. While automatic order downloads, accounting journals, inventory updates, and purchase orders, all integrated with ShopCtrl's back office system ensure you can automate your entire order-to-cash process effectively, resulting in more time and resource to actually grow your business.

Automation Highlights

Trigger Rules
Use the ShopCtrl triggers to fire actions on almost any event inside the ShopCtrl backoffice.
Custom Order Statuses
Use a wide selection of pre-defined and custom statuses, to optimize automation processes.
Our webhooks deliver data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. This makes webhooks much more efficient for both provider and consumer.
You can integrate any external application or service with your ShopCtrl account.
This allows you to do just about anything you can do in the ShopCtrl Web App using the programming language of your choice.
"Impressed by the powerful automation options ShopCtrl has to offer. This software saved us at least 2 FTE."
Efficient and easy-to-use workflow automation tool
Reduce your order fulfillment latency 
Automatically select the optimal warehouse to fulfill inventory from based on relevant order data, such as delivery address, with efficient rules-based order fulfillment.  
Save time by automating your everyday tasks
Apply bespoke business rules and set common automation functions, such as the allocation of shipping couriers, through the use of the Rules Engine. 
Easily handle complex processes 
While the ShopCtrl's Rules Engine is great for automating simple tasks, our team can help you create custom scripts to handle even the most complex of processes, through higher levels of automation.  
Adapt the system to meet your business needs
Customise the system exactly how you need it with ShopCtrl's customization functionality. 
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