ShopCtrl Security

Effective Date: May 15, 2020
ShopCtrl and the ShopCtrl logo are registered trademarks of Intrastores Development BV

ShopCtrl is built upon TransIP Web Services, leveraging the elastic scalability and economic benefits of cloud computing.

Software Security

Accessing your ShopCtrl system requires an username and password. Access to the back-office ShopCtrl administration area is over an TLS encrypted connection. All clients have their own, dedicated database and you can set up your account so that it is only accessible from certain IP addresses.

Information and User Security

You can configure your account so that each user has a restricted access to the areas that they need to work in – so for example order management staff can only use the Order Processing features, whilst your C-level have full access to the reporting dashboards, products and stock control. Your data will be stored in a data-centre determined by your business’s location when registering:

  • Europe: Amsterdam

  • ROW: Amsterdam, or region of your own choice


We understand that the data you enter into ShopCtrl is vital to the operation of your business, so our technology is designed to keep your data safe. Your data is backed up in its entirety nightly and stored for 30 days. Within this window we can restore your data from one of these backups. We can also do a point in time restore down to the nearest minute.


You can send security related questions or concerns to