We provide flexible webbased backoffice software for e-retailers

Use the shopCtrl middleware to work efficiently. Save time and money.


  • Customer Service
    Handle customer service with your entire team, working together in one simple solution!
  • Order Processing
    Streamline your order processes and experience the power of ShopCtrl.
  • Product Catalog
    Manage your product catalog in one system and let ShopCtrl distribute it to your selling platforms. Multi currency, multi-language, different products per country, different prices per country: all is fully supported!
  • Logistics
    Create shipments and share tracking codes automatically.
  • Finance
    Invoicing, Payments, Refunds and returns are all supported by ShopCtrl.
  • Reporting
    Create reports that matter.

We give you total control on your e-commerce…

Through years of international e-commerce experience, we were able to put all our practical knowledge in a unique and innovative e-commerce platform: ShopCtrl.

What Can shopCtrl Do For Your Webshop?

  • Satisfied Customers

    All order information directly available in one place.

  • Lower IT overhead

    Never worry about installing or maintaining client-side ERP software on individual devices again. Always work with the latest updates.

  • Less Employees

    ShopCtrl works very efficient so you can do the same work with less employees...

  • In Control

    Always realtime insights into the status of your business!

  • Speed

    Work very fast in the Cloud from any location in the world.

  • Overview

    All information is standardized in ShopCtrl. Orders from different systems are listed clearly in nice overviews!

  • Better communication

    Work via tasks, notes and internal messages to optimize communications.

  • Happy Employees

    "We like to work with ShopCtrl because it is easy and fun to work with".

  • Earn more money

    Work efficient, do the same work with less employees, improve customer service, gain more trust, grow your business, earn more money!

Our Pricing

Pricing for software and services that scales with your business.


    • License fee
    • Server type
    • Number of shops
    • Orders per month
    • Support
    • Customization options
  • Serious

    € 49
    per month/user
    • -
    • Shared Server
    • No limit
    • 300
    • By mail
    • API + Configuration
  • Professional

    € 99
    per month/user
    • -
    • Shared Server
    • No limit
    • 900
    • By mail/phone
    • API + Configuration
  • License

    € **
    per month/user
    (price upon request)
    • € ** (price upon request)
    • Dedicated Server
    • No limit
    • No limit
    • Custom
    • Full option

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We provide high quality, cost-effective, mission-critical backoffice management for webshops. We base our offering on an understanding of clients business requirements and providing dependable cutting edge solutions.

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